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Are you the type of guy who thinks you have it all together, from looks, to clothes to the job? That’s all well and good, because I thought I had it all too – except for when it came to women. Why wasn’t I more successful at dating? I had charm, I could chat any stranger up in a bar or social event, but when it came time to “bring it home” as you might say, I was a failure. I could get phone numbers from girls, I had phone numbers from lots of girls, but I was still going home alone, night after night and wondering why I suddenly felt like a dud, even though I supposedly had it all.
The answer came when I discovered little secret called magnetic messaging. That secret lies within technology that just about every guy has in their possession, 90% of the time. Your cell phone can be used as a tool to get you back in good with the hot women, no matter how cold they seemed the last time you saw them in the bar, the mall or even when shopping somewhere. This tool uses a secret system that works women in your favor.

How does Magnetic Messaging

  • It just does. And I know because I tested it to see if it really worked. And it did. Too well. Because both of my test subjects replied with way more enthusiasm than I was even expecting. And since it worked so well I kept on using it and I even told my friend about it. Now we’re the two laughing, all the way home with the hot women who fall like moths to the flame when we text them. Works every time so far…you want to try it?
  • OK, it’s about knowing a few things about the female brain. It’s complicated, but not really. They like emotions. We can give a crap about emotions and all that, but it turns them on, so you need to accept that. The secret to getting that emotion turned is your favor is what is called the Key Lock Sequence. It involves a series of three text messages and that’s it. Those three messages are the secret used on your cell to get any woman back with you or to convince a hot new one to give you a chance.

Magnetic Messaging Text 1

  • Magnetic Messaging three texts aren’t stupid ones you send to get her attention or to let her know how stupid you are when it comes to texting. Each of these three texts within the Magnetic Messaging Key Lock System has a purpose and a point. The first one is an emotional text to get her attention. Anything emotional gets her attention. Cats injured. Babies crying. Sad stories. Use a different emotional grab and get her attention. Once you have her attention, you have a limited window in which you can keep it and use it to your benefit.

Magnetic Messaging Text 2

  • The second text, which the key is turning, is a text you send to bond with her. Make her feel like she isn’t just a phone number in your contact list. Make the text special so she feels a connection to you, on top of the emotional attention she has allowed to you. Make the text important and not random or generic. Generic will get you ignored again and the attention is dropped.

Magnetic Messaging Text 3

  • The third text gets in to her mind. Plant the seeds of the two of you sleeping together. Once the seed is planted she will think about it, imagine it and visualize the experience until it actually happens.
  • Once I figured out that more texts did not mean I was smarter about a girl, it clicked. The three messages were all it took for them to call ME and set up a date. And it happened with a girl who had given me the cold shoulder for months and one who I had just met and started connecting with. The Key Lock Sequence made it happen faster…and with a whole lot less effort.

3 thoughts on “Magnetic Messaging

  • Sup playas! I have been in the game for awhile. I know how to approach women, I even thought I knew how to play the text game. I always look for new ideas on how to approach and saw Magnetic Messaging. I thought I had a good game texting. The system really lays out a nice foundation for you and it is amazing the way they have you looking at texting. It works and it works well. You will be amazed at how just a few simple tweaks in your texts will get the girls thinking. Great work on the product. Very Happy Customer!

  • I’m very happy. Hell, if it gets me one more date with this girl it is easily worth the $47 I spent on it.

    Plus now I see why I scared her away in the first place. I WAS BORING. Not anymore :)

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