Samsung UN46EH6000 46” LED HDTV

I just bought this amazing TV last week and my experience with it has been great so far. I believe that Samsung has done a great job with the TV especially with the price and performance value. There are however some drawbacks that I noticed and I would like to share it with you.
First of all, this is quite inexpensive for a LED 46 inches HDTV. So the first drawback is that there aren’t many available input options. So if you have like a lot of other devices that you connect to your TV, you might be disappointed. For example, my friend owns 3 consoles and a Blu-Ray disc player, if he would buy this TV he would never be able to plug them all together.
Keep in mind that this isn’t a Smart TV. I feel that smart brand is a gimmick for manufacturers to sell their TVs. Almost all of my favorite services are either available on my Blu-Ray disc player or my Xbox 360 home console. So I did not need any of the Smart applications on my TV.
Now lets talk about the picture quality. I wouldn’t hold back and honestly say that the picture quality had me and my family blown away. It has such an amazing picture quality that I instantly felt the difference coming from my old HDTV.
All in all the Samsung 46 Inches LED HDTV is a great product and fits exactly the way you want in your living room. I would highly recommend this TV to those who love picture quality. However just keep in mind that you cannot plug in too many devices at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Samsung UN46EH6000 46” LED HDTV

  • Me and my siblings love watching movies every weekend and when our old television broke down, we had to get a new one. We decided to pitch in our money and get the Samsung UN46EH6000 46 inch LED/HDTV. Overall we all love this TV set by Samsung for various reasons. First of all, it is quite cheap and considering how good the image quality of the television is, the price of the TV is nothing.
    The image quality is fantastic and this is probably the best feature of this TV. Compared with our old LG LED TV, the picture quality of Samsung’s HDTV is stunning. Ever since we’ve got the television, our weekend-movie watching experience has been great. The sound of the television is also fantastic. All and all, I love the television and so do my siblings. The only problem there is with this TV is that there aren’t many input options so you cannot really connect devices such as different consoles together but I don’t mind that at all.

  • I am not a big fan of watching television by my wife is and that is the reason why we ended up getting this television. I didn’t really watch TV much before but even then, I noticed that this TV is much better than our previous TV in terms of picture quality and sound quality. The colors of the TV are amazing; the depth is great and black appears very fine.
    The TV also has a very sleek design and though I am not particular about TV’s, I am about the setting of our living room. However, I had no issues when my wife insisted that we place the TV in the living room because it has such a sleek design that it complements the overall look of our room. The only drawback I found in this television is that sometimes the images appear pixilated and it is quite annoying when that happens but it happens rarely so it isn’t really that big of a problem. On the whole, I’d give this TV set an 8 on 10.

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